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Understanding The Importance Of Your Resume

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

Much like your resume the first thing that you read here, or a recruiter might read on your resume, will determine whether or not that person continues to read on. That said I want to impress on you that the words that you write on your resume will determine whether or not the recruiter does read on and, if they are impressed by what they read, you may just get an interview… Throughout this blog you can expect to hear statements such as this numerous times..

Understanding Your Resume

The first thing that you need to understand is that your resume is the most important possession that you have. Just how important is your resume, well that little document can quite literally determine where you live, what kind of car you drive, what foods you can afford and so much more. A well written resume can actually change your life….

You have to first understand that you have only about six seconds to impress the person who reads your resume. That’s because numerous studies have shown that the average recruiter or manager only spends six seconds deciding whether it’s worth their time to read on or even contact you. So that should give you some sort of idea just how important it is to make every word count.

Another thing that you may not have realize is that, for most people, the resume is the most important document that they will ever own. Think about it for just one second, from your resume a recruiter, or hiring manager, decides whether or not to contact you. In essence your resume gets you the interview that gets you the job which that in turn decides how much money you will make throughout your working life.

This simple document will likely play an important part in dictating what kind of house you will live in, what kind of car you will drive, the clothes you will wear and food you will put on your table, as well as how much fun money you will have left over, and much, much more.

You need to realize that your resume is quite likely the most valuable thing that you will ever own. Everything that you have today and will be tomorrow is actually tied back to your resume. It is the foundation of your career which is the foundation of your life……

With that said always remember this; your resume is the first impression that your potential employer will ever have of you. If your resume does not make a great first impression it will likely be the last impression that your prospective employer will ever have of you…

What I mean by that is if your resume does not make you look great and set you apart from your competition you will never get the interview. Perhaps this is what is meant when, throughout our lives we have been told that, “You never get a second chance at a first impression”….

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