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ProAct Resources - The "Holy Grail" Recruitment Solution for Your Business

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21+ years of experience in recruitment 

Can recruit anywhere in the world

We have helped over 4,000+ 

OVER 1,000,000 introductions made per year!

Company Philosophy 


To recruit you normally have two choices, take time away from your business or take time away from your personal or family life.


Now you have a third option... ProAct!

Here at ProAct Resources, we work with the fastest-growing industries. We do the numbers and obtain the results.

We simplify the recruitment process and manage everything through a results oriented, metrics based formula. We partner with you to grow your company in order to help hit your goals. All while giving you back the time you need to work on your business.. 

Our meeting slots do fill up fairly quickly.


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What We Offer.

  • Employment Sourcing Service (ESS)

  • Recruitment Calling: TurnKey Service

We created a system that steps away from the clutter of the traditional recruitment solution company, so we

Recruitment is typically broken down into two categories. "High level/Skilled recruitment" or "general recruitment". We offer the best solutions for both categories. 

If you want to see which service would be ideal for your needs, schedule a meeting by clicking the button on the right.  

A One-Size fits all approach...

One time services that don't really help..

An Ad that nobody reads...

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Companies that Trust and Partner with us

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How TurnKey works.

Are you hitting or exceeding your recruitment goals?


We get to know your business.

We'll sit down with you and interview you. We'll ask questions that are going to help us understand how your business works so we can fully comprehend what you are looking for in a candidate


Our team gets to work finding your ideal candidates.

We call and screen hundreds of experienced candidates a day, setting up as many meetings for you, as we can. 

Taking Notes

Lastly, we hand them off to you.

All you really have to do is have the final say so on these candidates and make them an offer!!!


It really is just that simple.

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How ESS works

How ESS works.

Are you and your team contacting enough people each day?

Online Meeting

ESS provides you an automated recruitment system.


It builds you a database that makes more touches, gets you more interested people, which in turn gets you more hires.

We interview you to establish your target recruitment area through states and zip codes.

We establish the best search criteria in order to target the candidates in your market..

We provide you with a SaaS based back office login that you and your team can access through any web browser. 

Here your team can see and work everything. Applicants, Website Visitors, Unfinished Applicants, ASC as well as every candidate we have contacted on your behalf...

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The people behind ProAct Resources:

Dennis Winsor


Alejandra Luna


Co-Founded by Dennis Winsor and Alejandra Luna, ProAct Resources was founded as an inovative way to recruit. Here at ProAct, we are always finding ways to improve the recruitment process to make it easier and more effiecient for your business to find their next big star and to take you to the next level.


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Phone: (651)686-0097

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